Apprenticeship at ATLAS

Our employees are both the foundation and the future ofATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH.

Soon you will be finished: You have the school behind you, the certificate in your pocket, and you have also celebrated properly. But that’s when life really begins!

Our apprentice training is not about being able to do everything, but about learning everything! Would you like a professional future with exciting, meaningful and varied tasks, in a great team and with good prospects? Then ATLAS ELEKTRONIK is the right place for you! So why not talk to us?

Start your career here – for example with an apprenticeship or a dual course of study.

You don’t want to leave anything to chance in your application? Then use our application tips and our tips for getting started.

Apprentice Positions

Our apprentices are both the foundation and the future of ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH. This is the reason why we have long been training young people in many – mainly technical – training occupations and making them fit to face the challenges of the future.

Together with qualified instructors, competent teachers convey all the skills and knowledge you need for your later working life. Our philosophy is to individually foster and develop your talents.

Looking for a challenging entry into the wide world of work? Good, because we are looking for dedicated trainees! Do you have a passion for performance and high-tech? In careers with a bright future? Then we are the right employer for you!

Whether you opt for a technical or a commercial profession: With ATLAS ELEKTRONIK, you enjoy a good launch into the working world – and you can go far. Through internal training events with qualified instructors, you will acquire the latest know-how in your training occupation. When working in our technical departments, you are offered varied possibilities within the scope of demanding assignments, with a view to combining theory and practice.

Does that sound like an interesting prospect? Then simply apply for an apprenticeship:
As our apprenticeship program is only available in Germany, fluency in German is essential.


Dual Study

Apprenticeship and study course in one? This is a challenging but also very appealing alternative. This opportunity is offered to you by a dual course of study at ATLAS ELEKTRONIK – both in the technical and in the commercial area. Our partners are various universities and universities of applied sciences in Northern Germany.

Your advantage: Between the theoretical phases of your studies, you complete practical blocks that are firmly integrated into your curriculum. There you can apply and deepen what you have learnt directly in everyday life. You are part of the team right from the start and are involved in the operational processes. Depending on the discipline, the training takes between six and eight semesters. A university entrance certificate or advanced vocational certificate, coupled with a high level of motivation for learning and performance, is required.

Have we aroused your interest? Then simply apply for an apprenticeship:
As our apprenticeship program is only available in Germany, fluency in German is essential.


Our Offer

Learning a profession and gathering valuable work experience at the same time is not the only advantage offered by an apprenticeship at ATLAS ELEKTRONIK. We also have other aspects of life in mind, and so we support you with a broad palette of offers:

The question many people are afraid to ask: “What does an apprentice actually earn at ATLAS?” 
We have the answer for you: € 1.004,- in the first year, € 1.031,- in the second, € 1.112,- in the third, and € 1.191,- in the fourth. And that applies for all training courses.

There is also life outside of the company. People need time for their personal activities and responsibilities. Flexible working hours can be helpful here. We help you achieve work/life balance.

You want to go higher and further than the others? Then we have a plan for you. If you want to develop your capabilities at ATLAS ELEKTRONIK, we are at your side. We support you throughout an ambitious development programme.

Being taken over into full employment after completion of training is the normal procedure for us! And that on a permanent basis. Of course, we assume that you have successfully completed your apprenticeship or study course.

Application tips

Have you already found the course of training you were looking for? Now only a small hurdle separates you from the goal of your dreams: a successful application. You can find out what the application process looks like and what you need to consider here:

How does the application process work?

First of all, of course, we need your application – quite simply via the online form in our job advertisements. If we find your application compelling, you will receive an e-mail with a link to an online recruitment test. If you master this, you will receive an invitation to a recruiting day at ATLAS ELEKTRONIK. There we will get to know you better, and you will also have the opportunity to get to know ATLAS ELEKTRONIK and your future instructors and colleagues better. If we continue to find you suitable, all you need to do is sign the apprenticeship contract – and off you go.

When do I have to apply?

To win the race for one of the apprenticeships, you should start early. After all, the application process takes time. So you should apply before graduating from school. You can find out which places are available in our job exchange more than a year before the planned start of your training. Important: Plan enough time to prepare your application documents carefully. This can take some effort and time.

What does the perfect application look like?

The first time is, as so often, the most difficult one. It is essential that your application documents are complete. Easier said than done? No, it’s really quite simple: Start with an informative cover letter in which you briefly introduce yourself and explain to us why you have chosen this particular job in our company. Then, include a résumé (CV) in tabular form (contact details, school education, and internship documentation, if applicable) which shows who you are and what you have already learnt.

What mistakes should I be careful to avoid?

Don’t worry. There is still a difference as to whether you are applying for an apprenticeship or a management position. We also know it’s your first application. Nevertheless, dirty documents, frequent spelling mistakes or missing information are real minus points. Let your parents or experienced friends help you. Four eyes always see more than two.

How can I prepare for tests and selection interviews?

First of all: Stay calm and don’t put on a show! Suitable clothing and punctuality are also very important. The first impression you make is often decisive. Be sure to wear the proper clothing. But you should still feel comfortable in it, otherwise you won’t make a credible impression. Your clothes shouldn’t be too casual or too stylish. Punctuality and appearance signal to us that you are motivated and take the meeting seriously. Secondly: Find out a little about your dream job, for example on our website or that of the Federal Employment Agency. There you can even take a “practice” recruitment test online.

What does the first day of training at ATLAS ELEKTRONIK look like?

On the first day of your training, we take a lot of time to discuss the most important things with you and all the other trainees. How do I find my way around in the new company? What does the first work assignment look like? When do I go to vocational school?

During the ATLAS induction days, we will introduce you to our company, the instructors and your colleagues. We will also give you all the important information you need about the apprenticeship.

What accompanying offers are available to me as an apprentice?

We have a wide range of seminars, sports and exchange opportunities with colleagues – and much more. At the beginning of your apprenticeship, you will be informed about the possible activities.

Tips for getting started

The start of your training is something special for you and also for us. If you get involved in the new environment with a generous dose of interest and take the following tips seriously, you will master your first steps with ease. Here are our five golden rules for newcomers:

Improve yourself with feedback!

Nobody manages to do everything right from the start. After all, you were hired to be trained. Show an interest by asking others to evaluate your work. As a rule, you will receive both praise and criticism. Take this criticism seriously, but don’t take it personally. Nobody will want to demotivate you.

Take a broader view!

There is much to discover at ATLAS ELEKTRONIK. So your spirit of discovery is also in demand. Learn what ATLAS ELEKTRONIK is all about, what our goals are, and how we are positioned. It’s a little like team sports. Only those who know how the abilities of their team mates can play properly. By the way, once you are really familiar with the field, you can “grow” into other positions yourself. After your training, ATLAS ELEKTRONIK offers you many opportunities for further development and thus new perspectives. The sooner you find out about them, the better.

Be keen and ask for extra work!

Your working day as a newcomer is not always fully planned from morning till evening. There is often slack time between tasks. This is your big opportunity: instead of twiddling your thumbs, you can show your team members that you are fully committed! Show some initiative and ask for work! In this way, you learn new things, display an interest, help your colleagues, and also show that you are a team player. Being active leads to good feelings all round!

Use the various information channels!

Your colleagues are always right alongside to help you! Just ask for help whenever operational procedures, corporate customs or technical topics give you headaches. If you listen attentively, you will learn a lot about ATLAS ELEKTRONIK and the work. Another approach is to get acquainted with the extensive collection of information offered on the company intranet.


An internship gives you exciting insights into the world of ATLAS ELEKTRONIK. With an internship for scholars, you can get a taste of one of our many occupational fields for two to three weeks. What does a printed circuit board consist of? What tasks are carried out in production? How do you test electronic equipment? These and many other questions will be answered for you. You will learn at an early stage how important certain skills and knowledge are for your future working life and can test your personal interests and talents in a practical environment.

If you are intrigued by maritime technology and interested in a scholar internship at a forward-looking high-tech enterprise, then apply right away via our online portal with your complete application documents. Ideally, you should submit your application about 5 or 6 months before you want to start the internship. And who knows? Maybe you will be laying the foundation stone for an apprenticeship or a dual course of study.



Do you have any questions? Then please call us or write us an e-mail:


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Internship, thesis, student trainee, doctorate
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