Your Career

Your Career

Our Working World

With our 2.100 employees at the locations worldwide and at our head office in Bremen, we are a large group with a global orientation and international presence.

Our roots are associated with major players in German industrial and technological history, such as AEG, Messerschmidt-Bölkow-Blohm and Krupp. Together with our shareholder thyssenkrupp, we aim to grow further and strengthen our market position all over the world. We can look back with pride at more than 100 years of tradition and are closely linked to the people in Northern Germany and at our sites in other countries. We offer attractive positions, targeted training and advancement possibilities and sound perspectives for the world of tomorrow.


We offer interesting and varied assignments, both within Germany and overseas, with much more besides: 

  • Short paths for information and decision-making
  • Highest quality in everything we do
  • Attractive possibilities for personal development
  • The fascination of technology, computing and innovation
  • Goal-oriented personnel development
  • Sophisticated products
  • Modern employee development programmes
  • Extensive training possibilities (incl. the possibilities offered by our shareholders)

In addition, we give you active support when you start off in the ATLAS working world through our WELCOME programme for new staff members!


Your Employer

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK is a high-tech company in the maritime space. All over the world, we are first choice as a developer, producer and supplier of maritime systems. With more than a century of experience, we take care of an extensive clientèle amongst the naval forces and merchant shipping companies right around the globe. 

We take the initiative and accept long-term responsibility as a training organization, as an employer, and as a fosterer of young talent. 
We cultivate close ties to our region and display commitment to the people living here. 
We are looking for employees who identify with these values, have a passion for performance, want to shape the future together with us, and who also appreciate and wish to practise a respectful, frank and fair treatment of each other.

Your Development with Us

Our progress has a firm foundation: our staff members. They are the basis and the future of our enterprise. Their knowledge, their dedication, their curiosity and their sense of responsibility form the core of our corporate success.

Goal-oriented and tailor-made personnel development, specific career models and advancement programmes, systematic succession planning and broad palette of training are the established core elements for the development of our employees.


Do you still have questions which were not answered by our website presentation? Then you may find some of the answers here, sorted according to target group, in a compact overview. In addition, you can obtain further information from our key contacts.

What are the prerequisites for a career entry at ATLAS ELEKTRONIK? 
People with profile are important to us. If you can also impress us with your academic achievements and if you display motivation and dedication, then you already fulfil the primary prerequisites. Depending on the position, specific technical knowledge may also be decisive for the selection of an applicant. And, of course, the personal impression you make also counts. 

What study courses have the best chances? 
Your chances depend on many different skill-related and personal factors and on your academic record. Many of our vacancies are of an engineering or technical nature, involving IT application development as well as project management and systems engineering. 

Do I already need to have experience abroad? 
Experience of foreign countries is desirable and important for many of the positions we offer – especially in connection with the expansion of our global presence – but this is by no means a requirement. 

Does ATLAS ELEKTRONIK also hire applicants who already have job experience? 
Naturally. A fundamental rule is, however, that we fill leadership positions from within the company as far as possible, in order to keep the corresponding development possibilities open to our employees. For this, we use specific personnel development programmes to foster our future executive staff in a targeted manner. Of course, new staff with work experience also come to join us. Here we advise you to look at ourjob exchange from time to time. 

If I already have work experience, can I also submit an unsolicited application? 
In fact, we are pleased at your initiative. 

How much work experience should I have? 
Just how much experience is needed depends on the position you wish to occupy. As a rule, you will information on this in the corresponding job description. 

Must I have experience in the field? 
Experience in our particular industry would of course be a plus, but it is not an essential condition for joining us. The decisive factor is that your profile should meet our requirements. 

I am interested in a position abroad: whom should I approach? 
Your best course of action is to approach the foreign subsidiary of your choice and then coordinate the specific requirements and application procedure with the relevant personal contacts. 

Do I also have a chance with you as a career changer? 
Our rule of thumb: we always welcome motivated people who are committed, have good ideas, and can perform. Whether or not we can offer you a promising career depends on what we need at the time and how well your profile lines up with what we need. While you are here, why not explore our job exchange or take the initiative: apply now? 

Will ATLAS ELEKTRONIK also help me with my thesis?
Of course, theses are also supported. You will find further details on this in the section thesis. 

What prerequisites should I meet to obtain support for my thesis? 
You should have studied without time extensions and with good results. In addition, the focus of your topic should match one of the many different fields of ATLAS ELEKTRONIK. There are further conditions, but these depend on your thesis topic. 

How can I apply for support with my thesis? 
It is best to approach one of our personal contacts with a concrete proposal. Please take plenty of care to prepare your application thoroughly – it is your calling card and at the same time the first impression we get of you. 

How can I apply for an internship? 
Please approach our personal contacts directly with the usual application documents (cover letter, résumé, relevant certificates). Please take plenty of care to prepare your application file thoroughly – it is your calling card and at the same time the first impression we get of you. 

In which areas are internships possible? 
In principle, there are no restrictions, as you will see with a glance at our internship pages for scholars and students and the working areas that are outlined there. 

What prerequisites should I meet for an internship? 
Our rule of thumb: good school or study results and noticeable motivation are the best preconditions for beginning your internship at ATLAS ELEKTRONIK. Specific requirements will be set depending on the particular working areas in which you wish to do your internship. 

I am still not sure whether I should study or learn a trade! 
We can help you make the right decision. Our key contacts are happy to advise you on what kind of apprenticeship at ATLAS ELEKTRONIK most closely matches your expectations. You might even opt for a combination of an apprenticeship and a degree – we can certainly arrange that. For more information, please visit our apprenticeship and dual study sections. 

Can I do an apprenticeship at ATLAS ELEKTRONIK? 
Of course! We offer you a number of vocational disciplines and opportunities – these are outlined in much greater detail in our section on apprenticeship. We appreciate your interest! 


Do you have any questions? Then please call us or write us an e-mail:


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